Address: 9 rue Portalis, 75008 Paris
Tel: 06 30 04 69 05
Email: [email protected]

About me  

Originally from France, I studied in Paris, London and Munich, have worked in France, England, Germany and Hong Kong and now live in Paris. I'm fluent in French, English and German, have an in-depth knowledge of all three cultures and work in all three languages both as an executive coach (HEC certified, individuals and groups, NLP) and as a therapist. 
I use a number of therapeutic tools, including EMDR, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy, Hypnosis, Relational Intelligence® (psycho-physical therapy), etc.

How can i help you?​​

I offer an integrative, solution-focused approach, an alternative to lengthy therapies,
which enables me to address the following difficulties:
- Stress management, anxiety, apprehension before an event (exams, public speaking, important meeting, confrontation, etc.) 
- Dealing with emotional shocks and/or trauma (post-traumatic stress disorder, separation, dissociation, redundancy, academic failure, harassment, bereavement, rape, etc.),                      
- Family support for childrenteenagers and parents (communication, managing emotions, re-establishing dialogue, couple therapy, etc.) 
- Lack of self-confidence, getting rid of bad habits, hypersensitivity, phobias...

My approach is directly linked to the patient's needs, with relief being the priority.

Who comes to see me?

My patients range in age from 0 to 78. 
They may be parents bringing babies following a difficult birth, older children experiencing difficulties adapting at school, stress in 8-12 year old's, concentration problems at school, support for children suffering from ADHD, teenagers experiencing a breakdown in communication, young adults searching for meaning, older people experiencing difficulties in relationships, burn out... and seniors suffering from anxiety, sleep problems...

I also offer discussion groups on common topics, convinced that sharing experience is an incredible pool of resources.

How do I work?

The first task at hand is to determine and refine the patient's therapeutic objective, to avoid going in too many directions at once.
Whatever the nature of the treatment, there's always at least one session to get to know each other and foster the therapeutic alliance. ​

It's very difficult to say in advance how many sessions will be needed, even in the case of brief therapies.
Each appointment lasts 50 minutes.
Any appointment not cancelled 48 hours ahead of time will be due.